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The most common tax to make headline news and often appear in newspapers is the income tax. It is a tax charged by the central government on those who earn a salary, or more precisely, on everyone who is employed in the nation. ‘Professional tax west bengal slab, on the other hand, is a term that few people are familiar with. In this article, we’ve discussed the Complete Guide on Professional Tax in West Bengal.

What Is Professional Tax In West Bengal?

One of the terms that do not fully represent the actual meaning of the term is “professional tax.” It is not, despite its name, a tax placed only on professionals. It is a tax imposed on a variety of occupations, services, and employment, and it is based on the income these occupations, trades, and employment produce. Professional tax west bengal payment is required of all income earners, including employees, independent contractors, freelancers, professionals, and those making more than the minimum wage.

On the other hand, professional tax in the West Bengal rate slab is a sort of income tax that is collected by the state government. The fact that it is an income tax, Article 276 of the Indian Constitution, which addresses taxes on professions, trades, callings, and employment, grants the State Government the jurisdiction to implement professional tax laws.

Who is responsible for gathering and disbursing professional tax?

The Commercial Tax Department handles the slab of professional tax in west Bengal. It is gathered by the corporate tax divisions of several states, and it eventually finds its way to the municipal corporation’s bank account.

Individuals Responsible for the applicability of professional tax in west Bengal:

1. When it comes to employees, employers are responsible for deducting and repaying professional tax to the state government, subject to any monetary thresholds established by state legislation.

2. Subject to any financial thresholds outlined by the specific State’s legislation, an individual engaged in a business or profession who is also a professional tax for employees in west Bengal is required to pay professional tax on that business or profession.

3. To pay professional tax west bengal payment on trade or profession and withhold the tax from his employees in this situation, the employer must get a professional tax west bengal registration order to pay professional tax west bengal payment on trade or profession and deduct the tax from his employees. Separate registration for each office can also be required, depending on the laws in each state.

4. Individuals who run a freelance business without hiring any employees must also register, subject to any financial thresholds established by the laws of the specific State.

Have you ever wondered why different persons pay different professional taxes? Have a look at this section.

Why is professional tax different for different people?

Profession tax Kolkata west Bengal differs from state to state since they are charged by the state government. Each state has defined a slab based on which the professional tax in west Bengal rate slab is levied. Even so, only a small number of Indian states and union territories do not levy a professional tax. The tax is paid by dividing the annual amount due into 12 equal monthly payments.

It is possible that different sources of revenue from different sectors will be taxed individually at times. An individual operating a transportation business, for instance, could be compelled to professional tax west bengal online payment of about Rs. 50 per year for each car he owns in various states. This could be capped at a maximum of Rs. 1,000 annually.

How To Do Professional Tax West Bengal Registration Program

  •  A self-employed person who is covered by one or more items in the schedule must submit an application to the competent Profession Tax Officer for enrolment in Form II for new professional tax registration in west Bengal.
  • Similarly, an employer must submit a Form I registration application to the Profession Tax Officer who has authority over the employer’s place of business.
  • The person who qualifies for a certificate of enrollment must pay the tax owed in accordance with the Act on Profession Tax Challan in the Bank and submit an application for the certificate in Form II to the Profession Tax Officer as outlined above, along with a receipted copy of the challan as proof of tax payment. The website also allows users to submit new enrollment applications.
  • Within 90 days of the date on which the liability accrues, Form I and Form II applications must be submitted.
  • A registration certificate or enrollment certificate in Form IA or IIA will be issued in accordance with the professional tax officer.
  • In contrast, a government agency is not required to apply for a certificate of registration.

When & How To Pay Professional Tax In West Bengal

Registered employers must provide a receipt or challan verifying tax payment with their returns. For such employers with an annual tax burden of up to Rs 3,000, the return period is quarterly. Such employers are required to pay taxes and submit quarterly professional tax west bengal return within 30 days of the quarter’s end.

Other employers are required to submit quarterly reports within 30 days of the end of each quarter and make monthly payment of professional tax in west Bengal for the first two months of each quarter within 21 days of the following month if their yearly tax liability exceeds Rs 3,000.

Finally, it is critical to pay all taxes, including professional and income taxes, in order to run a lucrative business or work in a safe atmosphere. It’s important to pay attention to the state-specific requirements for registration and payment. The state of West Bengal’s professional tax has been the focus of this article. Maintain constant oversight of the tax system; otherwise, penalties and fines may be severe for the person or business.

1. Who is supposed to pay professional tax as an employer?

According to the Profession Tax Act, every employer is required to deduct the professional tax from each employee’s wages or salary and pay it to the government.

2. How can an individual pay professional tax?

The GRIPS portal can be utilized to pay taxes. After receiving the certificate of enrollment from the GRIPS portal against the registration number, the employer is required to pay the tax.

3. What categories of people are supposed to pay the tax?

The following groups of people are responsible for paying taxes: firms, clubs, undivided Hindu families, societies, and other corporate bodies.

4. What are the limitations of professional tax?

Although the tax is based on the individual’s income, the maximum amount that every State may charge as professional tax is capped at Rs. 2,500.

5. Is professional tax refundable or not?

If you practised your profession during the month, you must pay professional tax at the end of the month. Thus, there can be no reimbursement after the professional tax has been paid. When you file your income returns, you can deduct the cost of professional tax preparation.

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